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About Us

Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you here. Although we’re not surprised, fellow Pole Junkie that you are. We love a good story about who and what a company is don’t you? It’s definitely the best way to get to know each other rather than just seeing the highlights on Instagram.

So let’s celebrate the fact that we’ve just turned 9 years old! Say what! Thanks to you, our loyal customers and the superb team we’ve got that make every day the best in our pole world.

We honestly couldn’t do it without you or every single team member, including Lola, our Chief Barketing Officer 🐶

But let’s introduce Kirsten, our Founder, and a little bit about her back story. 

Having graduated in finance and indulging in pole classes in her spare time, Kirsten wanted to get her hands on some cool pole outfits from overseas but wasn’t happy with the customs and shipping charges not to mention the lack of choice in the UK.

A lightbulb moment saw her think about bringing pole wear brands to the UK and building a website. Three months later Pole Junkie was born and set up in her spare bedroom.

Still working in her full time job, Pole Junkie took on premises nine months later and Kirsten quit her job. It had to work as there was no safety net anymore. And isn’t she glad she made the leap!

These days Pole Junkie has grown to a team of 16 and ships orders from our warehouses in Glasgow and Amsterdam. With over 2000 different products in stock we’ve come a long way to offer you perfect pole outfit, and all the brands, shoes and accessories that you could ever need. 

Team Pole Junkie are with you every strut and every spin of your pole journey. We’re not bigheaded when we say we’re the best. Agree?

P.S. We’re working on pinning our team down and sharing their story with you. Even if they hate getting their picture taken we will find a way ;) Watch this space…

Where to find us: Pole Junkie Ltd, 11 Earl Haig Road, Hillington, Glasgow, G52 4JU
Company No: SC559793