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Pole Dance Shorts & Pole Fitness Shorts

Ok, we’ll admit it – we’re obsessed with pole dance shorts! That’s why we’ve got hundreds of styles for you to choose from. We bet you can find at least five pairs you L.O.V.E!

From sexy pole shorts to sublime pole fitness shorts we’ve got the pair you need to channel your inner pole goddess.

More About Pole Shorts

When you’re on the pole nothing can make you feel like a boss like as an amazing pair of pole shorts!

Off The Pole, Lunalae and Paradise Chick know this and make some of our favourites.

If you’re looking to nail your new routine at your pole fitness class the right pair of pole fitness shorts are going to be the icing on the cake. Check out our range of high-waisted shorts, fuller coverage shorts and classic hot pants.

Just want to feel like a sexy MF on the pole? Check out our range of garter pole shorts. Straight fire!