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Jazzy K

Home Studio: Gravity Arts in Zurich Switzerland
Speciality: Dynamic Exotic Pole Flow
Known for: Her twisted humour, getting hangry and having a passion for healthy training

Personal Mantra: « Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’, it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come»

I always had to work hard to achieve my goals, also because I started pole with no background. Don't let any one tell you that something is impossible, just be willing to work for it.

My Pole Crush:
I adore so many people for different reasons, but if I have to choose one person, it is Sarah Scott. She combines all the things I love. Strength, beautiful lines, creativity, grace, a beautiful character and she is one of the best pole teachers I've ever met.

PJ essentials:

What you love about PJ :
The amount of different brands at PJ is incredible! I can put together my style with a mix of my favourite brands, all ordered from the same place. But not only that, the service is incredible, the delivery super quick and everything seems to be made with passion and love.

Random fact : My unuseful superpower is to always choose the wrong queue. My useful superpower is, that I can sleep anywhere very easily and deeply so I rarely have jet lag even with big time differences. Comes in handy when travelling.

Where to follow :
Instagram: @jazzykpole
Facebook: Jazzy K – Pole Dance Artist

I began pole dancing almost 9 years ago and have loved every second!  I started teaching within a year, back in the old days when a Butterfly was considered an advanced trick. Although I studied economics at university, I wanted to work with people and help them getting fit so I started work as a fitness instructor after graduating. In 2014, I started working for XPERT as an instructor for their Pole Fitness training program which I love because I get to share my passion for safe and effective training with the pole industry. 

Over the last 4 years, I have competed in more than 15 competitions around the world. I love creating a show and nothing beats the feeling you get performing on stage to a supportive audience. Competing has also given me the opportunity to teach workshops internationally so I can share my style with pole dancers everywhere. 

I am excited to what the future brings and happy to work with a partner like Pole Junkie!