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May 1, 2022

PJ Trick Challenge: Marley

Happy first of the month! We are BACK for another trick challenge for May: Marley!
As always, we have included different variations according to your level. Up for grabs: a £50 PJ voucher!

How to enter:

✨ You must be following @pole_junkie
✨ Please wear your PJ kit if you have one
✨ Post a photo or video of you doing the selected trick

(extra points for camera ENGAGEMENT + overall creativity!)

✨ Tag 2 friends who should enter the challenge in your caption
✨ Send your entry to @pole_junkie via DM.

The DM must contain #pjtrickchallenge (very important!)

So, let's dive straight into it, shall we? 

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Stand on the floor beside the pole. Hold onto the pole with your inside hand. Lift your inside leg nice and high and hook the pole behind the knee. Squeeze it in the kneepit as you engage your hamstring. Extend your outside arm towards the floor and hold onto the pole with the thumb pointing down. Your torso should be parallel to the floor. Your top arm should still be holding onto the pole above your hooked leg. Engage your arms and core. 

Enter a Jasmine

Fall forward in a slow and controlled way as you pull the pole wiht your top arm and push it with your bottom arm. Lift your bottom leg to capture the pole in your bottom hip crease. Your top hamstring and bottom quadricep should still be fully engaged. 

Extend your hips and grab onto your top shin with your top arm

Pull your top heel towards your glutes and keep your bottom leg extended. Your back and hips should be extended. This is your Beginner/Intermediate variation!

Here is another way you can do the Marley

This variation requires less back and shoulder flexibility. Cross your bottom calf over your inside shin as you push your hips forward and squeeze your glutes. Keep pushing the pole with your bottom arm. 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Take it up the pole and try to release the pole with your bottom arm. Keep pushing your hips forward and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Make sure to try BOTH variations!

Flexy Progression

Try to grab onto your top foot from over your head. Make sure to warm up your shoulders well before doing this!

There you have it!

Entries close May 31st at midnight BST & winner gets announced on June 1st 👑