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Monkey Hands Grip Aid - Dry (100ml)

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Dries your hands and increases friction providing a chalk-like feeling – without the messiness of chalk! It is an innovative chalk-free product which magically leaves no residue on equipment and clothes. It can also be used as base layer before applying other grip types. It’s antibacterial and comes in a recycled plastic packaging!

Remember to clean and dry well your hands before applying and let it absorb for 60sec.

  • Bottle Size: 100ml
  • This item is non-refundable 
    Please Note: The Dry solution may appear lumpy at first. 
    Why? Monkey Hands doesn't contain Parabens which are commonly used in cosmetics to make a paste uniformed, creamy and easy to apply. However, these Parabens can damage your skin - not something you want from a grip aid! Don't worry - the product still perfectly dries hands and the lumps will disappear after a few applications. Giving your bottle a shake before use will also help.