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PJ Capsule Wardrobes: Beginners style

There is nothing quite as exciting as starting your pole journey. We should know, we have been there! You are working hard on perfecting those pirouettes and feeling proud of every accomplishment, but suddenly that old pair of gym shorts and your basic tank top are not cutting it. You want a fierce outfit that will make you feel like a pole star.

We know it can be a bit daunting to enter the world of pole clothing and products - there is so much to choose from! But do not worry, we are here to help you with this pole capsule wardrobe specially curated for pole beginners, you will find everything you need to continue getting strong and flexy.

X-Dry Grip: Are you struggling to keep your grip? A grip aid is the perfect companion and X-Dry repels sweat and allows you to go through the entire class without slipping.

When you need to feel safe during a scary move, iTac2 Grip Extra strength comes to the rescue! Just apply a small amount for maximum stickiness and go nail that trick!

Match the Rad Eve Top with Pole Addict Kopia bottoms for a classic top to toe black look. Who said a black outfit is boring? This is a must-have in any pole dancer wardrobe! As your collection of pole clothes, shoes and accessories grow (and trust us, it will grow!) you will be able to pair these pieces with anything! Also, this top and shorts gives you full coverage, so you can feel extra comfy while working on your skills.

The Pole Addict Cross Back Top - Ann and the Pole Addict Hot Pants - Ann is the perfect soft pastel set and with the image of a Jade you will stay motivated and inspired. You can grab the bottoms in a High Waisted version if you prefer this cut!

We love the Lunalae Mali High Waist Shorts - Tan Leopard, not only for its beautiful print and cut but also because of the soft fabric, scrunch butt detail and a cheeky booty cut for a touch of sass in this wardrobe! Thanks to the strappy leopard detail at the back of Pole Addict Ann Top, you can also wear them together! We want you to be the most fashionable beginner of your studio. 

Because you can mix and match all the tops and shorts together, with this third pair of shorts, you will not have two sets, but 6 possible sets! 

Paradise Chick Ultra Grip Leggings are perfect to warm up and to be able to climb up the pole. These very grippy leggings will also be your best friend come the winter, do not let the cold weather deter you from training! Thanks to Paradise Chick you can stay warm and cover and still get that secure grip on your legs while hanging upside down.

We all like to keep our feet warm, especially during warm ups and cooldowns. But we are pole dancers, which means nothing we do or wear is ever boring, not even our socks! We love Rolling Accessories, and these Rolling Calf High Striped Socks are the perfect way to dip your toe in the water. 

Last but not least, the Ultimate Pole Bible to study all the shapes and moves at home or during free training sessions! Get inspiration for your next photoshoot, explanations and tips to nail new tricks and ideas to create your own combination of tricks!

The Ultimate Pole Bible


- Written by Delphine Lesne -